Brian Lewis, The Secret Art Collector -

Brian Lewis is one of Norfolk’s best-loved, working artists.

Article featured on The Secret Art Collector. Written by David Tattersall.
 Brian Lewis is one of Norfolk’s best-loved, working artists.
He and his Bees Hall Studio is almost a north Norfolk coastal institution: tourists and art lovers flock to the Yellow Icon establishment like flights of migratory birds.
His reproduction prints sell in their thousands: his original paintings sell for thousands… and rightly so.
Everyone… [well almost everyone]… loves the ‘Life of artist, Brian’ and his wicked sense of humour.
How could anyone not laugh at the Brian’s famous Blakeney Point paintings of seals ‘looking perplexed’ at the boat loads of tourists flocking to gaze at their almost human, sun-basking antics?
Prints of these caricature paintings adorn so many tourists’ front room walls: they became a feast of people’s artistic tastes to be purchased and devoured like a portion of Sheringham’s fish ‘n’ chips!
The great man has always been inventive, productive and creative with the mayhem he paints, together with a touch of tourist irony everyone can smile at.
Go and have a laugh at Brian’s ingenious humour: his art is rife and right for the north Norfolk tourist establishment. His humour will not allow the great man to bypass Norfolk’s hinterland, or many of England’s other institutions. Take a look at his website if you need a humorous uplift or a rib-tickling fillip in social comment.
I salute the gifted man’s artistic integrity and the wonderful way his style pervades – and pokes fun at – every aspect of our north Norfolk coastal lifestyle.
Is Brian Lewis the Jerry Lewis of caricatured art in this altogether too serious world of aesthetics and creativity? Possibly he is and we are fortunate and blessed to have such a wonderfully talented artist living and working amongst our Sheringham shoals of appreciative tourists and art lovers.