Brian Lewis -

Brian Lewis - An artist's story

"In 1981 I moved to Norfolk after many years as a summer migrant. The first and only job I had here, before establishing myself as an artist, was assistant stage manager at the Wells Centre, which sadly, is no more. During my time there I drew posters for Liverpool poet Roger McGough, Innererklang Music Theatre, The Domus Quartet and many many more".

"During this time I was walking the streets of Wells delivering my posters for display. The Quay always had a fascination for me. Having come from just south of London, this was very visually exciting new world for me, large ships docked then, I remember on a particular high tide a very large ship being dumped on the top of the quay! I painted pictures of the dredger
that kept the channel clear and recorded ships and cargoes for a shipping agent. On one occasion I took my advanced life saving exam just beyond the Lifeboat House during which I had to swim to the sea bed to collect sand, surface and show the proof to the off shore boat crew!  When I got to the bottom it was hard clay-like material of which I could only get a small amount under my fingernails! I passed though!
Over the years I've painted the beach huts and the general goings on and around the quay recording the changes. The next change I'll be painting will be the new building replacing the old amusement arcade which burnt down some years ago".
"I was lucky enough to study art for thirteen years. My last student days were at the Royal Academy Schools. Today I paint what I enjoy most ie, coastal, seals, dogs, cats and Stately homes, scenes where I live in Norfolk, often with a humerous aspect.
This website is a catalogue of my art work, with art prints & original art that can be purchased online for UK mainland delivery. For delivery beyond the UK mainland please contact me to discuss the shipping arrangements. 
I paint the blue sky days, the lighter side of life. I leave the grey days and the angst for others".